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Latest "UNIFORM - Classes II to V"15th September, 2023

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Latest "NOTICE FOR CLASSES III, IV AND V"8th September, 2023

Owing to the on-going Mid-Term Examinations of other classes, school will remain closed for class IV, on Tuesday, September 12 and for classes III and V on Friday, September 15, 2023. Creche services will be available as usual. Madhura Bhattacharya PRINCIPAL

"Independence Day celebrations"15th August, 2023

The videos have been shared on YOUTube for you to enjoy

"Olympiads 2023"13th August, 2023

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"Sharing with you...."10th August, 2023

There is a NEW endeavour on the part of Dolna Day School & creche to share clips that may of interest to Parents. Please log on to our YouTube channel through our website... enjoy, like and subscribe.


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