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Latest "September 26, 2018"25th September, 2018

As most of the teachers and creche workers will not be able to reach the institution, we are sorry to say that we will not be able to take care of the children and normal services will be disrupted.

Latest "Independence Day"13th August, 2018

Students of Classes VI – XII are all expected to attend Independence Day celebrations at School on Wednesday, August 15, 2018 at 9:30A.M. All students must wear the School kurta/saree and school socks and shoes. They will be ready to leave by 10:30A.M.

"MID-TERM EXAMINATIONS 2018-2019 TIME TABLE"6th August, 2018


"Hindustani Classical Vocal Classes"28th April, 2018

We intend to introduce Hindustani Classical Vocal Classes after the Summer Vacations under an extremely meritorious teacher and exponent, whose detailed background is attached herewith as a file that may be downloaded. Sri Chakraborty will be training children from 08 – 18 years from mid June onwards. Timings will be notified later. Those who would like their wards to join, should drop a letter of application at the School Office, by the 11th of May.  


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